Congratulations to the students and employees for the month for April.....

On the 10th day of April, 2017, the Madisonville Consolidated Independent School District Board of Trustees recognized our Students of the Month for academic achievement, outstanding character, effort, and responsibility.

Madisonville CISD Board of Trustees appreciates these students and their parents for what they do for our school.  Congratulations to the following students: 

Chelsea Aguilera Cano, from the Elementary; Lisset Gonzales, from the Intermediate; Dolores Okabayashi from the Jr. High; and Luke Marshall from the High School

Also recognized were our Employees of the Month.  The faculty and staff at their respective campuses nominate and vote on this recognition.  The fact that it is voted on by their peers truly makes it an honor.   Congratulations to Johan Osth and Fiona Cruz from the Intermediate School campus for being named the employees of the month for April.